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I bought 6 of these when they were on sale about 2 months ago for 120 after rebate. They have a very short side to side angle for accurate coloring. It drove me nuts the first few days i got them and i nearly returned them. I set them up in 3 monitor setups. The one on the left display would look a totally different color then the other two monitors. The one in the middle that i was looking straight towards looked pretty good. The right display was also ok, not quite as good as the middle, but good. I personally would not recommend them for anyone doing photoshop/premiere photo or video editing. I find the monitors dangerous for my work, but i am doing my best and i will switch them out with different ones when i purchase a new set for another computer system.

Oh, side note. Newegg makes BANK!!! on returns. I am a medium sized online business and we have a UPS account. Well newegg acts like they are giving people great deals on returns, it is bs! They are making atleast 50% profits on the UPS rates. They were going to charge us 15 dollars to return one monitor, well it was like 14,65 or something. I took my monitor all boxed up and put it on our scale in the shop, it was going to cost us just over 7 bucks! That means that Newegg is profiting on all of the customer returns. Being that we are no where near as large as newegg, i am sure they get a MUCH larger discount then we do through UPS. It probably only costs them 5 bucks to ship a monitor in which they tried to charge me 14.65. BS!!! We dont do that shit to our customers, we charge them what it costs us for returns. SO MESSED UP! I do love newegg, but i lost a little respect for them after that.