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Beauty Men's Stimulating Personal Lubricant - $6 + Free Shipping
Received a coupon for 70% off with free shipping to try their Men's line Xdrive. I received a sample of their stimulating lubricant and enjoyed it laugh out loud. Their women's stimulating lubricant is already popular.

Use coupon code: tryxdrive

Men's Stimulating Personal Lubricant [] - $6 + Free Shipping

Sells for $20 + $5 on Amazon:

The description OMG:
Experience the ultimate thrill with this amazing Pleasure Lubricant. Offering far more than just lubrication during sexual activity, Xdrive’s unique Stimulating Lubricant is designed to help arouse, stimulate and enhance your pleasure for an extraordinary love-making session. Your partner can apply the gel onto your scrotum and penile shaft for a sensual genital massage before and during sexual intercourse.
Xdrive combines Evening Primrose and Menthol in a rich lubricating base for an enjoyable tingling sensation to maximize your pleasure. Xdrive’s Stimulating Lubricant is ideal for topical solo use or partner play.
Directions: Have partner apply liberally to your genital areas and massage gently. Return the favor.

Also works on their "enhancement capsules":

Men's Daily Enhancement Capsules [] - $9 + Free Shipping
30 day supply / 30 capsules

Sells for $40 + $5 on Amazon:

The Xdrive Male Enhancement Capsule is a daily supplement formulated to help support the body's core and cardio functions while assisting in the maintenance of sexual precursors, energy, stamina and vitality. When taken daily, you may feel more energized and have more passion for lovemaking and life in general.
Each Xdrive Male Enhancement Capsule contains a powerful herbal blend, with supporting vitamins and minerals, which are safe and effective enough to use every day for supporting energy and vitality. The natural daily supplement contains 10 potent herbs like Cordyceps, Fenugreek, Ginseng, Guarana, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Zinc, Niacin, Taurine, and Reishi. These ingredients work to help support healthy libido and sexual function, as well as body composition, mood and cognition. It also contains Cordyceps (mushroom) Extract, which is an extremely effective and powerful life-enhancing agent – utilized for centuries to boost energy and vitality and support sexual health.
Directions: Take one Enhancement Capsule each morning with food.
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