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Quote from johndoehoe22 View Post :
XBOX Live was introduced in Nov. 2002. The XBOX360 came out just 3 years later, over 7 years ago.

When the new consoles release Holiday of 2013, then XBOX Live will be 10+ years old. I wouldn't be so sure that they're going to transfer and use XBOX Live Gold subscriptions. They definitely shouldn't continue charging for Live memberships to game online.

You shouldn't be charged a yearly fee just to play online. Plenty of games are made specifically for online play, but then you can't even play the game unless you pay for XBOX Live. Then you have these Online Codes that you need to have to play games online. Wow double dipping.

XBOX has nickel and dimed their consumers and forces people to dumb endless amounts of money into the system just to be able to use it.

I will probably need to renew my subscription soon, my membership expired today. But I'm mostly signing up to use the Radio, Amazon Instant Video, etc. I'm not playing much games anymore.

It's absolutely absurd that they require a membership to XBL just to use these free services. It is absurd. I wouldn't care if the memberships would transfer over, there is no way I'd continue to support XBOX unless they make the online services free, or make it like Sony where you have an option to pay or not.

However, they'll probably continue to charge as long as people stock up for years on $40 memberships (as if that deal is not constantly going on) SMDH
Xbox live wont be going away. It is growing at a rapid pace, faster than it ever has with the integration with Windows 8. They will still continue to charge too .. Why wouldn't they? Its not like sales are hurting. Xbox has been the top selling console for years now.