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Quote from btcharpied View Post :
Good deal, but no way I could live with just 2 HDMI. Would kill it for me if I didn't jump on the LG 60" deal at Costco a few months ago.
Buy an automatic HDMI splitter or a cheap receiver. If you're watching a movie on a nice 60" screen, you owe it to yourself to also upgrade the audio.

Quote from GujuNilesh View Post :
600 hz? isnt that wrong

dont buy plasma. you'll get burn in.
Plasmas refresh at higher rates than LCDs, which is why, prior to the introduction of 120Hz technology for LCDs, they were viewed as superior for displaying fast motion.

I've had a Panasonic plasma for almost five years now and have never experienced any image retention, much less burn in. Burn in is generally viewed as a problem of the past.