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You would think the retailers wouldn't drop prices in the weeks leading up to the super bowl, but that has not been the case.

This is pretty much the best time to buy a TV because the CES was just held, and they are clearancing out last year's models. Makes me jealous that you can get this TV for so cheap. I paid significantly more in September, but at least I had it for all of football season.

I did a really long writeup of the UT50 in the other thread, but I'll make it simple for the casual TV shopper.

Yes, the screen has glare, and you'll see sunlight reflecting against the glass. To some people it's no big deal, but it may annoy some people. Get a new curtain, $10 a window.

People shouldn't even really mention burn-in. The TV has a setting that prevents static images from burning into the TV.

I actually think the main issue should be the extra electricity a plasma uses as opposed to an LED, but no one seems to care about that. This would only come into play if you really watch TV a lot. I forgot how much the difference is, but it's not insignificant.