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Quote from Niq22 View Post :
I have this model and I have also had a Plasma TV for over 5 years. The only burn-in I ever got was when leaving it on the same screen for an extended period of time. And even so, it is only temporary and goes away when you resume normal video playback. And nowadays damn near everything, including this TV, have implemented features to prevent that temporary burn-in while idle.

That aside, this is a great TV. Yes it has a glossy screen that can produce glare, but can be easily remedied by turning off any unnecessary lighting that could reflect on the screen.
What you described is IR or image retention, not burn in. Burn in means exactly how it reads: the images are burned into the tv permanently. IR normally goes away, though it can sometimes last for weeks on older panels. I would dare to say IR is even rare amongst 2012 model plasma's. You would really have to try hard to achieve burn in on any of these newer sets.

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