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Quote from 0mega View Post :
Don't be scared to use it. Worst case scenario is it damages your computer then you have a reason to build a bigger/better one.

Also my gf has been using the H60 for over a year now without issue. She installed it herself....this is the same person that spilled a can of soda into the fan on the top of the pc.

The fan dispersed the soda pop onto everything.
A quick pull of the power cord and a good cleaning later...everything still works fine. Haven't had to replace anything. So yeah liquid damage is bad but it isn't a guaranteed killer.

I've always been jealous of the silence of that cooler and hope the H50 is just as silent. Now to get some SSD's to remove the HD noises.
Unfortunately I'm not gonna build a cheapy one. My 2 years old desktop has 24 GB Ram, i7, gtx 560 (video card), 10 TB HD and 256 GB SSD. My new built is much better than my oldie.

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