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Quote from halogod2 View Post :
I got this h50, but I'm afraid to install it. If it leaks, it'll damage my motherboard and processor.
You can easily leak-test it by plugging the pump into a spare connector. I ran mine for a few hours this way before mounting it. The H60 has been in my rig for almost two years and is performing just as well as the day I got it ^_^
Quote from chinesestunna View Post :
I never understood these low end watercoolers, high end air provides the same amount of cooling at same noise levels and without leakage danger. Great price though!
If you have a massive tower or plenty of vents, these coolers wont offer much of a change vs air HS's.
However, after playing around with a few massive coolers, I've come to realize that the H50 & H60 coolers are significantly better for my computer than running a brick HS.
My CPU temp only dropped by a few degrees, but the entire PC ran ~10-20c cooler. This gave me the opportunity to reach a higher CPU overclock because the VReg's and Northbridge ran so much cooler(both critical, but often overlooked, circuits for efficient overclocking).
All in all, if you have a case with poor-moderate airflow, or a heat-dumping GPU right under your processor, these will do you so much better than a massive HS.

My case is an Antec P180 [], by the way