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if only it was the A10-4600


almost had me there. almost.

17.3?? Frown

told ya guys, the bigger laptops go for less and get on sale first. this is further proof of that,

edit: you are gettin 1600x900, this APU is better than Intel HD4000 in terms of graphics by far. This is comparable to a lower spec i5, especially if you pop in a SSD. If it has 2 drive bays thats awesome and a plus. It'll definitely get you running right away, and I have a Llano with lower specs than this so yes if you get an SSD you can use Photoshop and CS6 suite reasonably and efficiently.

This APU is better than any i3 on the market. Your next best bet if you want more power than this is an i5 3rd gen. That'll cost you at least...$450 - $500 these days. More if you want that dGPU which you WILL want because this still beat any Intel HD4000.

Still wish this was A10 because thats a true quad core.

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