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Quote from ecsa0014 View Post :
I've known prices would go up after January all along but this seems like a really dumb move on MS's part.
Win8 hasn't been a great seller at $40, What makes MS think that raising the price is going to help things??? Also, with talks of a new Windows OS being released sometime this year, I can't see many wanting to drop $200 on an unpopular and soon to be outdated OS.

I have Win8 and like it (mostly) but it carrys a large learning curve for many (mainly those less tech knowledgeable). I haven't upgraded my parents PCs, at $40 each, because I know it would be a nightmare for them (and me).
I completely agree with you. I think they'd do best to leave it at $40, maybe even $60 if they want to raise it after a promotion period. Considering Apple's upgrades although yearly come out at about $20 per upgrade, $200 is way to steep.