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Ok, any input to my dilemma would be greatly appreciated.

This is a great price for this TV! I was originally looking at the TC-P60GT50 that Amazon has for $1699 with 2% credit to be used towards a future purchase.

The first dilemma is, do I go with the VT or the GT?

The second dilemma is, this will be my first Plasma purchase, and they aren't particularly known for their brightness levels. I am a gamer, and my wife and I like to watch our fair share of movies. The TV is going into a well-lit room. But we can always draw the shades, and the light isn't at our backs. Going from a 65" LCD CCFL backlight to the VT or GT Plasma, will we be disappointed?

The picture looked amazing to me in Best Buy on both units, but naturally a lot dimmer than the other LCD LED backlit TVs they had on display in the Magnolia room. My wife can't stand the soap opera effect that a lot of the new LCD/LED TVs are known to have. That was virtually non-existent on the Panny.

So, to sum up:
1.) Any gamers own Plasmas out there, and how are your experiences vs. LCD/LED sets?
2.) Would you go with the 55VT50 or pay essentially $66 more and get the 60GT50?

I know I could have put this on an AVS forum, but I wanted to ask here first. Besides, finding your specific issue on an AVS forum is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I will try to reward any positive feedback with reps! Thanks!