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Quote from TheMoreYouKnow View Post :
Not bios, it's a firmware update, and it will erase your ssd. I recommend copying your important files first.

This worked for my Nova 2 SATA II SSD (maufacture number: CSSD-V60GB2), which used the Phison S5 controller. Please double-check your controller, etc, and use it at your own risk. I can say that I almost gave-up and was going to use my drive as paperweight because of the slow-down, stuttering problems--totally runs fine now.

Here you go:
you are the one who said bios first Stick Out Tongue

I thikn I have the same one, thuogh not sure how to verify the controller
but windows does report it as CSSD V60GB2 so looks like the same one

I've had problems where my computer just stops responding, etc...
i think i'm going to try it