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Quote from TheMoreYouKnow View Post :
Not bios, it's a firmware update, and it will erase your ssd. I recommend copying your important files first.

This worked for my Nova 2 SATA II SSD (maufacture number: CSSD-V60GB2), which used the Phison S5 controller. Please double-check your controller, etc, and use it at your own risk. I can say that I almost gave-up and was going to use my drive as paperweight because of the slow-down, stuttering problems--totally runs fine now.

Here you go:
holy cow, that made a huge difference. attaching pics. Left is before. Right is after.
now I can also tell the difference. Before it was slow for everything, and now it's smooth...thanks a lot! I have two drives, will see if I have to also do the other one
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