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Quote from YanksIn2009 View Post :
They do not have to exclude gift cards...I can see it now. The first few people that show up when the stores open on the east coast get the gift cards after haggling with the managers...the managers realize what is going on...then all the gift cards disappear off the racks to the back rooms with emails flying to all stores to follow suit so those on the West coast can pretty much forget it.

While supply lasts...oh no supply.
Nah it would be worse than that. This whole deal would get axed by mid-day, on everything. That is definitely what is going to happen. I think you'll just have to strike early and grab whatever you see as a good deal. Doubt GCs will even work, because they can refuse pretty much whatever they want...and getting a $100 GC for $50 is a lot more suspicious than getting, say, a $100 pair of headphones for $50.