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Quote from Baguda View Post :
I can totally believe a store would say that, but Best Buy sent it in the email, so if they are fakes then Best Buy is the source of the fakes. In reality, it's just yet another hardnosed snotty manager (of which the majority are at Best Buy) pulling any old excuse out of the air to get out of letting someone get a good, legitimate deal (assuming you use it on stuff not excluded in the coupon).

So far it sounds like buying gift cards doesn't work unless you are one of the few lucky ones to get a manager to approve it, but for movies and games it should work without manager intervention (i.e. denial)?

What I'm hoping/wishing is I could get them to apply it to my purchases for the prior week.
exactly. people hating their jobs take it out on someone else...the customer. Then they get bad reviews, the cycle repeats.