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Quote from bjsguess View Post :
I think you mistyped or I'm not understanding. Did you mean that the Nook Tablet is far more capable than the N7?
No, I did neither. You appear to have pretty much no idea what you're talking about, and started off yapping about a nook color you don't appear to have used in a while, and equating that to the nook tablet. In that statement, you were largely wrong. When people pointed out the incorrect material in your posts, instead of saying "Gee, you're right, I was wrong and what I said really didn't help anyone", you tried peanut buttering things around to be less wrong.

I think that for most people, a rooted and rommed nook tablet will do most of what they want to do most of the time. The n7 will do more for a longer time, but I don't think what it has over the NT will matter to most. At nearly 3x the price I paid for my NT for a nexus 7 with no SD slot (which I need)..its not a good deal for me, or most people. Of course, if rooting and putting a rom on an NT or buying a $20 premade SD card is out of the question, and money is no object, then the nexus is fine.

I don't usually just dump someone on my ignore list until they've conclusively proven they're an idiot, but you've come close enough that I don't want to mistakenly read something you write in the future and think that any of it is useful or factual.