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Quote from SlickCanon View Post :
No, it dosen't have a dedicated graphics chip. "Intel HD Graphics 4000" Isn't going to cut it for gaming.

I have the u400, the bigger brother of this laptop. And it has some problems:
-The harddrive is non-standard size so you cannot upgrade it.
-The touchpad is a huge PIA. I'd try it first before buying it.
-The wifi connection is spotty

That said, it's a very pretty laptop with it's aluminum shell and it's good price for a macbook air alternative.
Got a 410 from the outlet a couple days back, haven't had it delivered yet

so upgrading the HD to a SSD is a no-go? I know that the SSD is soldered on to the motherboard from what I read, but the HD? any source on this?

I'll have to pop mine open to see otherwise, nobody seems to have upgraded the HD online from what I could find, mechanical hard drives are junk.