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Quote from Zephon13 View Post :
And this is why I haven't bought one yet. Consoles are dying out fast. Things like the nVidia Shield and the Razer Edge are going to take over.

GG Consoles, you had a good run. My PC is way more powerful than you'll ever dream to be.
I kind of think that's what gives Nintendo an edge, PS/Xbox don't interest me at all, because I have a gaming PC, but I'll buy a WiiU to play more casual games with my wife, as well as for the Nintendo franchise games. The Razer Edge is a neat idea, but I don't think it will catch on, keyboard/mouse are still superior for most serious PC games, and it's overkill for playing old games on emulators (that's the only time I find myself using a controller on my pc). Either way, hope they all do well.