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Quote from deymayor View Post :
all those consoles are still selling, Wii U is being left behind. if i were Nintendo, I'll sell it for $99 and get all my profits on games. Xbox is already at $149 and PS3 at $199. Both systems have much better games list and better with graphics.
HI-larious! What a good joke, jolly good fellow!

The Wii U is several times faster on the GPU than the ps3/360, strong on the CPU, and a brand new console with an awesome tablet controller. It's the first of the new generation. If anything, the 360/ps3 need to drop to $99 Laugh because right now I can't imagine why someone would buy one when virtually all games of note can be played from them on a PC at graphics levels that make the console versions look like an NES, and bought for $5-15 on sales even as new releases digitally. The Wii U has some games you can't get anywhere else, which is what matters.