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I wonder if this has the annoying lag that every other harmony remote I've tried has. I've tried the Harmony 300 (refurb deal from about a month ago) and a Harmony 600 (also a deal from about 3 weeks ago) and another $150+ harmony from 7 years ago which I returned. Anyone with a harmony: press a button rapidly like 10 times and stop. It will continue transmitting for another two seconds, with only two pulses transmitted per second. Extremely annoying when you have devices that respond quickly, such as an HTPC.

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been using this for an mce remote and have been happy with it! In for 2 more
Does it lag for you?

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anyone know if this remote does sequential power or simultaneous power? the one supplied with my cable provider is sequential, so when i press power to turn them all on or off, i have to aim it for a few seconds as it sequentially sends the signal to power them. i'm looking for something that will simultaneously turn them all on in one moment.
I do not think that is possible due to the way IR works. You can try configuring the harmony with the minimum inter-device delay to speed up the process, but it's still going to be slow. All harmony remotes I've tried have been SLOW. Didn't even think it was possible for a remote to be slow before I used a harmony.

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