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Quote from kensteele View Post :
i believe you accept the offer when you make a [successful] payment.

when you enter a store, there are all kinds of offers from the the form of price stickers. you might even have floor people throwing prices at you. you might have a coupon or even a sales flyer.

here's how a normal ordinary transaction works that a judge can accept:

if you like something you see, you present it to the cashier. the cashier rings up the purchase (along with all the written and verbals) and FINALLY presents you with an offer. you officially express your approval of that offer not by screaming Halleluah or saying "I'll take it" or "I love that price" but by paying for it.

THAT is when the deal is done. Your rights begin when you successfully pay for the product, not when you pick it up off the shelf and nod at the price tag or when you shake hands with the person that helped you come to a price or when you and the store catalog had a meeting of the minds.

It's late so I don't have time to look into this further. But you are right about one thing, if you feel you have been wronged, you are free to go to court with it.

can't tell if serious.
/sarcasm, does that help?