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Quote from garfield00 View Post :
Hi guys,
for a novice, there were initial setup drawbacks with the early Obi, but with the latest Obi202, you get two separate lines and setup is fairly simple and easy, they say!
I wanted to find out from fellow SD'ers their experiences in comparing these. I should have probably asked this prior to black friday when Ooma was on sale for $100, but i say never too late. I'm tired of using Vonage and paying $35+/month with not that great quality.
I definitely want to port my existing home phone # from Vonage.
Could you please give me your feedback on which one I should go with? Google Voice is free in 2013, so i can get away for this year at least...
I have Comcast Blast, and get good download/upload speeds (checked with speedtest).
If google voice is free, which every year it is, than I would probably go with the obi. Simply do to the fact that its cheaper.

I, myself, have the ooma and love it. I needed an Ooma because I wanted to keep my old number and port it to my new home. They did that for me for a flat charge of $39. It comes with nice features like voice mail to email and caller ID. You don't pay a thing and setup is really easy. Everything you need to control on the ooma is done over your homepage at If the price for the Ooma came down a bit more, hands down the choice to go with. Obi at $30... hard to beat, unless google voice starts charging. $100 for the ooma is a really good deal.