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Quote from adster View Post :
I know my comments in this post will get buried amongst the thousands of posts, which is good because I'm sure it will be unpopular.

Best Buy made a mistake with the coupon that could've cost the company millions of dollars over the next few days. Who knows exactly who/what the coupon was intended for but it's pretty obvious it wasn't intended to reach the amount of people it did or include the initial things it did. Best Buy is well within their right to change or cancel a promotion at any time - just like any other retailer. Sure everyone is quick to slander Best Buy about how bad they were blah blah blah, but fact is they offered something nice for a little while that many, many people took advantage of. The people that could not participate got all bent out of shape because they think they're entitled - but they're not. With few exceptions, this didn't ruin anyone's day other then the fact that you tried to get something cheap and failed. That's fine and all, but don't think Best Buy owes you anything.

I wasn't able to take advantage of this promotion and I'm not losing sleep over it because we'll all collectively move on to the next deal and so on and so on, the world won't end. Best Buy, while unpopular, is the last remaining major big box retailer in the US and if that goes away it would be pretty crappy.

It's easy on an internet forum to huff and puff but lets be real with ourselves for a moment and try to act at least somewhat civilized.


PS, I did laugh about the guy photocopying the coupon on the in-store printers.

It's amusing that someone got $2000 worth of GCs (wow) and that another person photocopied coupons for other customers. However, those stories also underscore why it's reasonable for Best Buy to issue a correction/clarification about a coupon.

They had already posted apologetic signs about GCs and other items being exempt when I went yesterday morning. They said I couldn't apply the coupon to a Kindle Paperwhite, so instead I bought a 2TB WD Passport portable USB3 HDD for $111 ($150 - $50 coupon + $6 tax + $5 prepaid MC gift card fee).

Still a slick deal.