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Quote from Robert16 View Post :
and the aftermath begins...If you where able to use the coupon bestbuy is amazing..if not they are POS and you will be filing a class action lawsuit against BB...laugh out loud
Thank you. Something about your post (I think) made me finally understand why so many people HATE BB. For some reason, I just was not able to quantify what EXACTLY made people HATE them so. I think...what it is IS having to walk out of their stores not getting what they expected and having BB employees waste their time and energy in the process. that I think of it, I have had experienced this a few times myself. Just not enough to wish away the last national B&M electronics superstore available in the U.S. Nah...I mean I just do not feel comfortable ordering a plasma TV mail-order; it just doesn't feel "safe", you know?

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