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Ooma is great. What put me over the top on it was the rating it got from consumer report. I think it finished number 1 among all voip devices, including Vonage. So with that said, I do not believe there is much worry about the company going belly up. The device also doesn't drop calls unless your internet drops. No additional costs unless you want the premium features like free calling to Canada and discount calling to other international companies and enhance voice mail and a few other cool features. I know about the work around to port your number to Google voice but having ooma do it is so much easier. Been pretty reliable up to this point (6 months). I think it has somewhere around 2,000 reviews on amazon alone with a 4.5/5 star rating. you also get a person when you call into customer service which is nice. I'm not sure if you get that with obi. hope that helps.

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