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Quote from blackblaze View Post :
The ones defending the mistake and calling it bait and switch and a business scam are obviously the ones who have never made a mistake. They are the ones that never sent an email with a mistake, never sent an email to the wrong person, never taken a wrong turn, never did any wrong actions that they wish they could take back. Im curious, how many folks really do reckonize and accept their mistakes or do they use the same logic and find some way to say what they did was this or that.

Could you imagine what kind of world this would be if people did not forgive others for their mistakes. The small minded excuse of BB being a big company, they can handle this exploit is just ignorant, but if you took this to the person to person level of not being able to excuse someone's mistake, I would hate to see what that would look like.
We make mistakes, but we can't simply issue an apology on them and get off free and clear. If we mistakenly lose our receipt but want to return an unopened item to Best Buy, can we? If we make a mistake and miss payments on a house or car, can we simply send them in late multiple times? If we make a mistake on our taxes, can we send the IRS or the State an email saying "sorry for the inconvenience"? Wait...that's not how Best Buy even does it. Can we put a note on our mailbox that says "sorry for the inconvenience"?

edit: Do you recognize your mistake?

edit 2: You act like buying discounted gift cards is an atrocity. You do know that they often times sell gift cards at a straight discount right?

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