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Quote from trip1eX View Post :
I have a 360. And a pc. And we play games on those as well.

We happen to like the Nintendo 1st party stuff too. And play a good chunk of the 1st party releases on the Nintendo consoles (and handhelds to a lesser degree.)

The Wii U was never an "investment." And with any console purchase this early in the lifecycle you are definitely opening up yourself to early adopter pains like possible bugs, hardware failures/problems and lack of games to play. The bugs generally get stamped out after time. The hardware problems get ironed in minor and major hardware revisions, but are covered under warranty for us early adopters and the games worth playing gradually add up. You never know how it is going to turn out though. So there is risk. There definitely is less risk and it is much cheaper to wait a good 3 years before jumping on a console though. I have done that before too. But I got the money. I mean the console is most likely going to take a few years to hit $200 so paying $150 to play it a few years early is nothing. The game are the most expensive thing. But if you manage the purchase well and resale of them well then you control those costs somewhat. I often resell games a bit quick and sometimes buy them back later years later when they drop way down in price.

Anyway quite a bit less mad now because my replacement Wii U has done a 180 since my previous post. I tested it again after that some hours later and played the F-Zero mini game and it worked perfect. Not sure why exactly yet. I have 3 thoughts. First the replacement Gamepad arrived with a completely dead battery and my original test was seconds after plugging it into the wall. Not enough charge or cable causing problems? Second I had a relevation that I had needed to hold the Gamepad up higher so it had a cleaner line of sight to the sensor bar which made me realize my sensor bar is higher up now that my tv is mounted on the wall. Possible cause? Not sure. My TV was lower on a stand for most of the first 45 days I owned the Wii U before it started having problems.

Third I recalibrated the Gamepad while in the Wii U menu before performing my 2nd successful test run. I held down the Home button and while pressing the Y+B buttons for 5 seconds to bring up the calibration menu. I came across this on the internet. It didn't seem like a different calibration setup than the one I was doing constantly while in-game during F-Zero, but it is a step that I had not taken before.

I am going to play around in the next few days to see if I can figure out why the replacement Gamepad wasn't working initially. But mostly happy camper now except I need to bug Nintendo about sending me a dirty scuzzy console and not a shiny brand new one.
The fact that they sent you a damaged console is pretty shitty. That is probably a sign of things to come.

Quote from mirai View Post :
i agree nintendo pushed it out prematurely. the initial game line-up was poor and the console was not finished and needed major updates. maybe that's why they were not doing any decent advertising.

the next gen consoles are not due until at least 1~2 years so what's the rush...
Piss poor is probably more accurate. People are acting like Zombie U is revolutionary lol

Quote from RonDo View Post :
It may be sooner than you think.
Announcement coming before February about the new XBOX. Specs were already leaked. PS4 specs have been leaking slowly in the last few weeks as well. Get ready for future next-gen.