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Quote from Lurker247 View Post :
I can't believe people are buying into this believing they will get what's listed. There's no way the seller will send you the real thing. If it's not an auction listing mistake which seller can refute, then it's a scam where seller can send you a rock and protect their arses. Didn't you all read the news or forums... quite a number of people bought cheap hard drives on eBay and were sent a rock in the mail or something like that. It'll be a battle of protection because the seller can say they really sent the item so they're also protected with eBay/PayPal Seller Protection. Good luck.
It looks to me like the guy is trying to cash out. If the "number sold" is accurate on his auctions, he's gonna have hundreds of sales from all of the items he has listed at $16.88. He'll make a few thousand bucks from Paypal, withdraw it and not even bother trying to send anything out. He'll lose his account but will already have his money.

I sent an email to Paypal fraud dept letting them know about this seller. Hopefully they will do something about it. I'm not that concerned because I know I'll get my $17 back eventually, I just hate to see this jackass getting away with this kind of fraud.

Actually, this guy is selling even more than I thought, and it looks like these auctions have been listed for less than a day(?) If these auctions are not taken down he's gonna be scamming eBay/Paypal for tens of thousands of dollars.

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