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Here's an update on this in case anyone is interested. First, his sales are now in the hundreds for each of the 7 items he's selling, and increasing quickly. He has 270 sales on one of the tablets, 170 on the PS Vita, 150 on the 3TB drive, etc etc. If you do the math you will see that he's made more than $15,000 already, and that's in only 24 hours that his listings have been active.

So, I've made it my mission to stop this guy. I was calling and sending emails to eBay and Paypal. Finally I got a rep on eBay who seemed to understand the issue. He said that he was going to report it to the correct person at eBay. He also said that the seller had reported to eBay that his account had been taken over and used by some unauthorized person. Most likely this is the scammer just trying to cover himself, after withdrawing the Paypal money he will claim that it was someone else that did it.

Anyway, I didn't do all this because of my $17, I know I'll get that back eventually. I just wanted to make sure that someone at eBay was made aware of these fraudulent listings so that they could be removed before hundreds more people are suckered in. I've since noticed that there are other Chinese sellers pulling the same scam, even using the same listing details. Ah well, I'll let someone else deal with that.