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Quote from uscpsycho View Post :
How's this compare to the Canon version?
Quote from uscpsycho View Post :
So many opinions. This review says the Sigma is better -

Does it matter that the 5D can autocorrect for Canon lens anomalies as you shoot, while you have to make those corrections (if any) for the Sigma in post? It's something I would never do if I had the Sigma.
You need to be more specific--the Canon 50 1.4, or the 50L?

Compared to the 50 1.4, the Sigma is better, hands down. From build down to bokeh, the Sigma is superior. It can easily be argued that the Sigma is the better deal when compared with the 50L. The differences are minimal, much like comparisons between the 85 1.4/85L and the 35 1.4/35L
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