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Question. I currently have a landline phone and I want to discontinue its service due to price. So I want to get the obi. If I switch to the obi + gv, will I be able to use my current landline phone number (after I cancel my current service)?

Also, question about how to set up my phones. So I have 3 landline phones, 2 in rooms, 1 in the living room. I'm assuming the way to set up a phone is router <ethernet> obi <phone plug> telephone. But I only see two telephone jacks on the obi. So does that mean I can only connect two phones max? Also, does that mean I need to do some crazy rewiring in my house?
first things first, you cant port your phone number to google voice directly. in order to do that you would need to get a prepaid cell phone. i followed a guide similar to this,

ported my vonage number to an at&t go phone (which cost $15 at walmart), added $15 credit to the phone so at&t would port the number (waited 3 days for that to complete), then paid $20 to port this to google voice (which took another day to port). hooked up the obi after a week of waiting for numbers to port and within 5 minutes i had a dial tone to my old (ported) number. that easy

as for the multiple phones, its quite easy. if you have your own house, simply disconnect where the plain old telephone line connects to your home wiring, then plug the phone output on the obi into any regular old telephone wall jack in the house. this will spread the obi signal to any phone in the house and give all your phones dial tone. this is the way i have it done in my house