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Quote from blueiedgod View Post :
I agree.

So, what, you got denied, move on. I went to Best buy after work, my first item got denied because it was on sale, second item was not. Score! Had second item been denied, or they told me coupon is no longer valid, I would have just walked away and saved my self $30.

I wouldn't be surprized that these are the same people from the "Occupy..." movement. They really feel that they are entitled to everything.

Perhaps they can organize "Occupy Best Buy" movement.

Interestingly enough, most of the people in line at Best Buy on Wednesday before Black Friday were from the "Occupy" movement, hoping to get in on a deal and resell. So, enterpreneurial spirit is not dead in them, they just want the low hanging fruit...
Man, your comments are just hurtful and ignorant. I wish I had taken the time to visit Occupy Wall Street to see/meet some of the occupiers. Since you are generalizing and being judgmental of millions of people across the country coming from different 'walks of life' coming together for a cause, I'll "shoot you back" with this: just go back to watching the Kardashians and let the grown-ups talk....