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Quote from wesc View Post :
Okay, y'all. I took the plunge tonight as well, after getting word today that Amazon has pricematched Paul's today: I still got it from Paul's to support the mom-n-pop chains, plus Amazon now collects CA sales tax. Order total:

1899.99 Panasonic TCP60GT50
-200.00 SAVE200 coupon
+005.00 CA eWaste
1704.99 Grand Total
Yeah I have been thinking about Paul's deal - especially avoiding the CA tax on Amazon. I am going to wait a little longer based upon my experience with Video Only BM. They had an ad for 65ST30 for 1799 so I went and checked it out and they offered it to me for 1599. New in the box - I passed. I believe that when we get closer to March shipping of the 60 series we will see a bigger price drop on the 50 GT and VT. I already picked up a Costco Sony BR player. Wow what a difference it has made in viewing - with VUDU Youtube Netflix. Can't wait to upgrade to a 60 to 65 GT50 series - I think it will have the biggest price drop since Panny discontinued GT model.