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I hope those who scored really big on giftcards on Monday will tell your children this:

"Kids, daddy want to tell you what daddy did in January of 2013. Best Buy had a $50 of $100 coupon sent to selected few. Daddy didn't get invited. But daddy found this great SD site that posted it. The coupon was too good to be true because it had no restrictions. It said "No copies. No dealers" but didn't say anything about 1 coupon per customer. So daddy printed out lots of it and went to Best Buy in the early morning. The store was stupid enough to take it. So daddy scored $6,000 worth of giftcards for half price until Best Buy stopped taking them. Damn Best Buy! The coupon had no restrictions! How could they do that to me? Best Buy later said it was a mistake. Fvck them! It was their fault. Anyway. daddy found out Best Buy lost 50 million dollars that day. The following year Best Buy closed for good. Daddy was so proud to have played important role in bankrupting Best Buy. So kids, if you see something that's too good to be true, try it anyway. If it works, repeat as much as you can until the stores can't take them anymore. Daddy only made a few grand from that deal, not enough to take our family out of this $hithole called home. But if you see a deal on SD daddy will make sure we hit the stores before they realize what hit them."

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