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I second that. How many authors out there aren't self-interested?
Quote from crznazn991 View Post :
I won't deny that the author is a self-interested entrepreneur, but the advice he gives is sound if you've never heard it before. Sure the book costs $2 (I paid $8 a year ago), but it helped me to take control of my finances and to make sense of investments, retirement planning, and general personal finance fresh out of college.

Wow, reading the first page of the Amazon preview I'm already interested. In for one!

But I am not into credit and agree with the Dave Ramsey camp on living debt free. Seriously... calculate the cash value of a used car and compare that with your car payments. And for how many years is that???

EX: In March 2012, I paid $3700 for a 1998 Nissan Altima GLE with 150k miles. I took it to be inspected by a Nissan dealer and even they said it was awesome. Took me a year to save for it at $308/month. I now have no car payments and a darned good used car. [The car was purchased at a local dealer and the salesman screamed across the aisle at his partner that I paid in cash. He was happy too.] Big Grin

How did I come up with this idea? I read it in a book about how to be rich. I think I'm reasonably intelligent, but I would have never come up with this on my own. Why? Because most Americans haven't even come up with this on their own. I don't know anybody without car payments... unless their car only has only three wheels & in constant need of repair.

My point? Don't be ashamed to read a book about getting rich. Am I rich? No. But I haven't worked in 2 months, have no car payments, and can still afford to pay my rent. I feel rich.

Two thumbs up, OP! Good job. Smilie

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