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For those of you having trouble hitting the bonuses:
1) Use amazon payments. You can add a credit card to your account and then send up to 1k a month per account. You can then get the person you are sending it to, to write a check and deposit it back into your account. Be warned the receiver could send the money back to you but this gets red flagged by amazon... careful careful.

2) Buy Visa Vanilla prepaid cards up to the $500 max. I bought 2, added them to my friend's amazon payments account and then he just unloaded the gift cards back to me and I deposited them right into my bank account from there.

That's 2k done in a matter of days once it all clears. And the only thing you forego is the $6.95 activation fee per Visa prepaid card. You can also get office depot to use the $5 Wrapp coupon (IOS app)... it does work but the manager has to not notice that he's ringing it up. I got denied by a manager at one store and one girl just let me use it at the second store.

These are just two of the many methods you can use but they definitely are two of the easiest with minimum actually spent.