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I'm baaaack! Many thanks to Tsarina for handling my recaps while I was vacationing. I brought back a lovely case of food poisoning so sorry for a bit of a delay on this recap.

Recap for Tuesday, January 22


Quote from stinge View Post :
Our baby stuff was still 30-50%, except for a couple bassinet sheets for 70% off, lol. The shoe clearance made me happy today - a double sided aisle at 70% off! Snow boots are still hanging at 50% off, though (as were our coats).

In the bike section there was a fair amount of clearance going on - a few different kinds of Razor scooters just marked down 30% (my notes are in the car, I'll get the dcpi's later). Also bike racks and bike locks on clearance (again, I'll get dcpi's when I get out to the car).

Camping looked to have lots of red clearance signs, but dd2 was having none of it, so I didn't search out what was available except a quick look at the binoculars (30% off).

Several racks of women's and children's clothes at 70% off, found some great things for dd's birthday!

Thanks everyone for posting such helpful finds!
Quote from KittyDoll View Post :
My store did Not have the monkey one,
But I did buy this fisher price gym [] at 70% off, since it was on a friends registry.
( however the in store original price was higher than the online price)

Also I think someone else mentioned there was a coupon on some of the snuggamonkey gear items for $10 off if you buy the gear item and one of the matching small monkey toys, like the rattles, they were about $3.50 ish.
Quote from s2000stealthbox View Post :
Does anyone have a link to the $10 snugamonkey coupon? I bought the gym today but will bring the receipt to the customer service to see if I can do a return rebuy.
Quote from KittyDoll View Post :
The coupon I had was a peelie, from the front of the gear item.
Quote from colliemom View Post :
I am the OP on the Pyrex. Attached a pic of my receipt.hug

Pyrex Ware Portables
Pyrex Portables 4 piece 9x13 Transport
Stock number on box is 1102266 UPC 0 71160 06833 9
70% off paid $7.06
Quote from stinge View Post :
Razor scooters at 30% off right now:
Graffiti 082 07 0459 34.98
Seige 082 07 0103 48.98
ProXX 082 07 0233 53.xx

Also saw several skateboards at 30% off, didn't note any numbers, though, sorry.

Bike Rack 082 01 0141 $30.44
there was another bike rack on clearance, too, but I didn't get that number.

Also tennis balls and two types of tennis rackets were 30% off, didn't get those dcpi either, but they had a ton of them at Jordan Landing.

I actually went in for Lime A-way (003 05 0133) and found that it was marked down 15% - I didn't wait, b/c I went in for some ready to pay full price to fix my darn guest bathroom before my parents come, but hopefully there's still more when it goes to 50%!
Quote from SASHANENE View Post :
OMG!! Aside from my 50%-70% off finds last week, I scored an awesome find just half an hour ago!! I got this at 70% off: bounce

BTW, there are plenty of 50% off cribs (two varieties) left at the Sterling store in San Bernardino, Ca.
Quote from peanut12 View Post :
Just picked up this jogging stroller today ( for $49.98 on clearance. I received a $5/$25 baby items CAT last week. Used that and my Red Card to get my balance down to around $42.48. The stroller has a 3 1/2 rating out of 4...I'm so stoked!
Quote from KittyDoll View Post :
Found glow in dark soccer balls and playground balls 70% off in sporting goods, down to $3.80 .
Quote from amazingyou17 View Post :
I found an Eddie Bauer XRS 65 for $64.98. I used the $5 off $25 coupon that printed from the Catalina machine. I had previously bought the Evenflo Titan. The Eddie Bauer one seems to have better reviews and it goes up to 65 pounds instead of 50.

If anyone needs the dpci code let me know
Coupons / Rebates
Quote from scrapinlin View Post :
Wave Good Morning Targeteers! We will have FIVE (if the Target coupon insert is a stand alone one) inserts on Sunday, January 27th! Thanks to Jasper! Please remember that your coupons may differ from those below. Have a great week! Big Grin

RedPlum #1 1/27/13 Insert Preview

Red Plum #2 1/27/13 Insert Preview

Smart Source 1/27/13 Insert Preview

P&G 1/27/13 Insert Preview

Target/Purina Single Sheet 1/27/13 Insert Preview
Quote from DM1234 View Post :
Sorry to drag us back to Xmas clearance....but I just found a MIR form at my local food store for a free $10 GC to NFL Shop when you buy 3 bags of M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, 3 MUSKETEERS®, MILKY WAY®, MINIS MIX™ or DOVE® Brand products (8.5 oz. or larger).

so dig out those receipts if you bought any clearance candy!!!

rebate form here:

purchase deadline: Feb 3, 2013
requests must be received by Feb 19, 2013
Quote from bachophobia View Post :
If you bought the recalled Waggin' Train dog treats that might make your dog Sick, be sure to get your refund!
The info is here:

I called, gave them my info, and received my refund check today Big Grin Dance13
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Enjoy ad starting 1/27
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Round 2
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In for round 3
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Round 5
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they are a bit blurry.. it is late, I am going to bed...will answer detail questions in am Big Grin
"To the woman with 6 screaming brats all under the age of 8 at Walmart:
if you're wondering how that box of condoms got in your cart, you're welcome!"