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Quote from BlkBimM3r View Post :
How do these compare in quality to Costco's Kirkland undershirts which I've bought in the past for $19.99/6 pack? Not joking, from a pure quality & longevity aspect for those that don't care about brands or crew neck vs classic T & just want something that doesn't "Fruit of the Loom" on you (shrink/deform with use & washing, thin & fray, discolor/get less white with washing, even with detergent & bleach or drying, etc).

The Costco Kirkland undershirts I've bought in the past were good quality/thick cotton as were the underwear/briefs..

Too bad Costco doesn't make A-shirts/wife beaters, so I've had to try other brands (hanes, jockey, fotl, etc). FOTL is the worst!!! But you can't really compare wifebeaters to undershirts.. As they're usually thinner & have the ribbed texture whereas shirts are thicker & non ribbed.
Agree, the ones at Costco are really thick. You might feel uncomfortable during summer. I think Jockey is much thinner than the ones at Costco. Lets c