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I have some Jockeys and Stafford white t shirts I bought from JCPenny at home and after looking at both I can hands down say Stafford is a much better quality in terms of being thicker and smoother. Jockey white t's are a bit too thin and shrink (happened to mine). Was about to buy a 3 pack of Jockey's until I went over and looked at the back of my closet and found some shrunken down, thin Jockey t-shirts I had stopped wearing.

You are only paying $10 for 3 or $27 for 9 though here. I think for my Stafford I ended up paying like $40 for 3, and I hate spending a lot on t-shirts but this have been worth it. After a year+ of use and washing them every few days they are still thick, but lost a bit of it's smoothness.

Reviews for the Stafford: