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Quote from DocDeals View Post :
Just a heads up for those thinking the reviews from the previous set automatically apply. The center channel on the new set has smaller speakers, and many are saying the results are not nearly as good. Still, this is an OK price, if not a fantastic price.

I have the FS51s and C21 in my home theater. They are amazing.
I have several of those previous generation speakers. Two BS-41 speakers in my workshop/home office. Three C21 speakers in my basement home theater acting as front L/C/R channels. And BS-21s in my son's room connected to an old receiver. For the price/quality I have been happy with them. The metal grills of the previous generation were a selling point in my household, where things tend to get mysteriously broken (kids). These newer models might be nice for persons who like the look of exposed speakers - because the cloth grills are easily removed. Although it is too bad the larger BS-41 and center channels sizes are no longer offered.
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