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Quote from CraigInTheCorn View Post :
If I move to a house we're considering, it would be in the basement, so light is no issue. But, in my current home, it would be in our living room where we have a bank of south-facing windows on the wall adjacent to where our TV is located, and a west-facing pair of French doors opposite the TV. Lots of daytime light. Would I need the ST or GT version to have it look good in my current living room?
OK, let me give you an example of my situation. Our living room has a balcony and we have full glass doors adjacent to where our TV sits. I thought about the lighting issue many, many times and I simply figured it this way .....Me and my fiance both work during the day for the most part, the only time we ever have time to sit down to watch TV or a movie is during the night. When our friends come over, its during after hours too, so it was not an issue for us and I went ahead with my TV purchase.

I'll be honest and say that the daytime light / glaring suck, but for us with the money we save and our utilization times, this was the way to go.

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