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Please don't go down the path about pinning Best Buy to the terms of the original coupon. We hear it all the time about "there was no mention of 1 coupon per customer" Or "the coupon is good til Jan 27" blah blah blah. It was a mistake and they don't have to honor it. I hope people are not stupid enough to file class action lawsuit. The outcome would be the same as someone suing Best Buy for not honoring a 50" LCD deal for $49.99 because they made a decimal point error. "But the ad says that tv should be $49.99"
MAJOR difference of decimal error compared to "we meant to have twice as many restrictions on items that qualified, PLUS we meant to have it be for a single item and not just a total purchase, PLUS we didn't actually mean to make this last for six days". That was no mistake, it was just poor planning which they realized too late and can't own up to it. Decimal errors I don't argue over...this deserves argument. You say it's an obvious mistake to sell $100 of blu-rays for $50? Because even though that's not on EITHER exclusion list, it doesn't scan.
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