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1-it seems unless my external 4 port usb enclosure is attached, as well as my 1gb system drive, the pogoplug doesnt want to boot. If i only leave the 1gb archlinux drive in, but remove the enclosure and startup, and try ssh'ing into the system it just keeps saying system is down. or i will just keep waiting for the system prompt and then it says operation timed out. I'm thinking maybe because the pogoplug keeps waiting for the drives mentioned in fstab? I will mess around with the file see what i get.
Post /etc/fstab please.

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2- you mentioned in the instructions to cloning drive that the target should be larger than the original. Doesnt that mean i will have to use a 2 gb as target...and if i get an issue ,i will have to clone that 2 gb onto a 4gb to restore my system, and the 4gb onto the 8gb...and so on?
My mistake, any drive that's in equal size or bigger is ok.
There is no restore process. When one fails, you simply power it down, swap the drive, and power it back on.

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3-i set up user pcguest as part of the samba procedure. I am now going to set up a second user, say do i control which user has what level access? say pcguest shold have rw access, while pcguest2 should only have r access.
For each share section in /etc/samba/smb.conf you can specify a list of users have the permission to read and a list of users have the permission to write. You can also use @group. You can read all about it here

Just don't use guest access since the security is set to user in smb.conf. Any authentication is better than no authentication.

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Again, thanks so much ... i'm making a little cheat sheet/cliff notes for myself right now to make sure I can replicate the procedure, as well as help others if necessary.
Notes are great for me as they significantly reduce the configuration and troubleshooting time even it's outdated. I still have notes on floppy disks when I was messing around freebsd back in 98'.

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