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Quote from oemleria View Post :
I hate to admit it, but I agree with Evo on this one. Had to happen sometime.

But, keep in mind that at least this comes from Amazon instead of direct from China. If it's defective (or just sucks, as these cheap tablets tend to) you can return it. (OK, you can return your chinatab to mcbub, spend hours convincing them that you know where the power button is, then spend half the cost of the tablet in the first place on shipping, and then *hope* they actually send you your money).
I returned an order to China on two different occasions.
Once with a tablet and once with a PC Stick.
Both times it was $14 using USPS Priority Int'l with tracking and delivery confirmation.

Not sure where people get the misinformed opinion that shipping to China should cost $50+......but it's nice to see that I can post something and people not jump on me about it.
Glad we agree and sometimes, even glad when we agree to disagree, as long as it's done respectfully.

Take care.
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