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Quote from eternal10 View Post :
Love it wouldnt want to go back to a smaller screen now
Quote from joeam View Post :
I Love mine also its really
Quote from zapfacid View Post :
I farking love my note 2 shake headbouncewoot
Quote from cel4145 View Post :
Love my Note 2. Seemed really big for the first day, and now it seems normal and regular phones seem too small Smilie
Quote from ahannan View Post :
Love my Note II. Battery lasts twice as long as my EVO 4g. It is lighter and thinner and fits in my pocket nicely. Plenty of memory for apps without an add-on card. SDHC slot for up to 64GB more space.
Quote from mbehun View Post :
WE LOVE OUR NOTES !!!!!! We left our iPhones behind and never looked back.
Quote from tdouble View Post :
I frickin love the note 2!
Quote from gvan1998 View Post :
Cant live without my Note 2. Once you go big cant go back
I hate you all!!! vomit I got the Nexus 4, and while its nice, within the day I knew what I really wanted all along was the Note 2, but when I was getting ready to box it up the next day, BLAM -- dropped it (without case) onto ground -- cracked the bottom corner. Frown Works fine but I couldn't send it back anymore and now I'll never have my Note 2.Frown