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Just looking at the wiki link, wouldnt be 16 bit mask since we're in the range? 24 bit mask would be Or maybe im not loki at it the right way.

Im using a ubiquiti power ap n atheros based router set up with dd wrt. My router address is I havent changed anything in regards to " bit mask". (Admittedly i have no ideA to even do that change).

In regards to the fstab change, would default, noauto mean my disks wont mount automatically? Or does that men something else? (Iremember a post a few pages back arguing with the defaukt vs auto option in regards to auto mount so im guessing this is related.

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It depends on your router settings but most router use 24bit mask [] so it's

Unless idmapd is customized (configured), all access to the nfs share is treated as whoever runs the connection, in this case it's nobody.nobody (/etc/idmapd.conf says so).
If you are looking for access control list it's in /etc/exports [].

try "defaults,noauto" option instead of just "defaults" for each and every partition in fstab file and see if it boots without the enclosure connected.