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Quote from eman2424 View Post :
No wonder bestbuy is going out of business...

***********************warning, the following post contains strong opinions that may or may not make sense to you. if you fall into the later, do not be alarmed -- finish reading the post, resist any urge you have to reply, brush your teeth, and go to sleep. one day it will hit you, but today is not your day.***********************

A company that can create, approve, and distribute such a "mistake" doesn't deserve to make profits and survive. Just imagine how many eyes saw this coupon and not a single person was able to spot the disastrous effects this coupon would have.

Half off coupon (50 off of 100) without a one use per person or household limit? half off coupon that didn't exclude gift cards? half off coupon valid for an entire week? these are inexcusable mistakes for a company making $50 billion revenue in 2012. I haven't had a single business class in my life and I recognized these rookie errors within seconds of reading the coupon. They couldn't afford to hire just one competent MBA graduate to review outgoing promotions?

I SAY RELEASE THE HOUNDS! slickdealers attack! teach corporations that they will be held accountable for all of their actions, including mistakes! mob the stores with 100 copies of this coupon and (politely) demand what you were promised! and when they won't honor it call corporate and give them (polite) hell. don't worry, people are being paid to deal with us. think of us as "job creators" of sorts Wink

the people who will suffer most from BB going under are the low level store employees who have minimal work experience and education. Yes, I do feel sorry that they will suffer if BB finally goes away; however, the longer we allow businesses and banks (and "too big to fail" entities) to make mistakes and bad decisions without dealing with the repercussions, the more we will suffer when these mistakes are made over and over again in the future.

if we make an example of bestbuy, perhaps more businesses will actually pay attention to the real world effects of their products and actions (probably not but we can wish, right?)
Best Buy deserves to be going out of business. But that's their competitors' job. People are here to hunt for bargains. But there is a difference when a few people capitalize on other's mistake and make them pay dearly for it, and by that I'm sure Best Buy meant the ones who got away with few thousand dollars of giftcards at 50% off when they never received the offer in the first place. If they run this promo til Sunday they'd lose billions.