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OK, finally got through on the phone. I ordered 19 stamps, luckily everyone in the office ordered on my account in two orders. The CSR let me combine the two orders and duplicate a couple of the stamps for $0.99 each to get my total above $20 to get the free shipping.

I know this will not help everyone, but if you ordered a lot and were close to $20 or if you really like the stamps you made and wanted to stock-up and get a bunch (these things are usually around $5 anyways) then this is a good option for you.

I was just blown away that she would let me add more stamps to my order at $.99.

On a side note I had something in my shopping cart when I called and while she was combining the order she asked if she could take it out of my cart. So maybe before you call if you add some new custom stamps to your shopping cart they will let you add them to your order to get over the $20 mark.

Good luck!

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