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Lots of haters out there, but D3 is a solid game. I dumped a good 80 hrs into it when it first came out and have recently come back and there have been alot of additions with streamlined and better drops in inferno. I think they nerfed inferno a bit much but you can now scale it with Monster Power, also after 60 there is more to work for with the continued gain of "xp" that goes towards Paragon Levels.

As for the complaints I personally don't mind logging into the game to play and I really havent had issues with staying connected compared to the issues they had at launch. I also have never used the real money auction house, and havent had any issues playing through the game, people who say that they are forcing you to use the RMAH are dumb.

Lots more coming down the pipe too. I believe the first PVP addition is coming in the next patch and there is going to be continued support for a long time. Everyone is going to have their opinion, I enjoyed it, others didn't, there were just people who didn't like it who continued to qq for a long time because it wasn't the graphical update of D2 that they wanted, and D2 was a decently horrid game till almost the xpac came out.