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Quote from mazafaka View Post :
BB had this coupon on their server up until 1/23/2013 Only on 24th they removed original PDF file and replaced with "this offer is no longer valid"..
I pulled it out in the store and punkass told me that he can easily fake URL or upload fake coupon to server right now.
I told him that in 18 years of my career in IT, I have never heard of anyone that good at hacking and that he was onto something and needed to getter a better job. Kid had saliva dripping on his double chin.
I think your dates above are off by a day, check the Wiki, as I added the date there as to when the PDF link was removed/updated.

P.S. - Good one; don't you just hate it when a nimwit tries to blow smoke up your @$$, or worse, try to match wits with you on a topic for which you qualify as being a/an professional/expert. (Reminds me of the Sears saleskid that told me Mac computers suck and that Apple is going bankrupt soon. As you can imagine, this was a long time ago when Sears sold Macs. It always brings a smile to my face to just know that he can recall his comments to me that day in a way and feel embarrassed at being so wrong, just like Michael Dell....) LMAO

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